Working with Embedded Devices in Rust Cheat Sheet

Rust is a systems programming language that is well-known for its memory safety, speed, and concurrency. Its syntax and features make it a popular choice for creating reliable and efficient software systems hacks for rust. One of these features is Rust’s support for Structs and…

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The Psychological Impact of Exploding Head Syndrome

We’ve all experienced that sudden jolt awake, thinking we’ve heard a loud noise or there’s something going on in the room. But for people with exploding head syndrome, this is a regular occurrence. While it sounds frightening, EHS is actually a relatively harmless condition that…

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Pulmonologists: Guardians of Our Breathing

Breathing is a vital function of human life, and it is essential to take care of our lung health. Pulmonologists are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating lung-related diseases and disorders. They play a crucial role in managing and maintaining respiratory health, but…

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