Burning Passion After Getting the HHA Certificate

If you enjoy caring for people, then you might find the work of a home health aide as a fulfilling job. This applies if you have the genuine care and drive to help and care others to make their lives even more comfortable. Being selfless and being compassionate are two attitude needed for the mentioned career. You are actually helping the individuals who are incapable of taking care of themselves. if you feel that you like the activities in the scope of the job, then you might consider as a home health aide. We all know that a home health aide is a person who assists the people who are in need of help when it comes to performing personal tasks just like bathing, grooming and getting dressed. Some of those people may need assistance for a long period of time and some of them just need the assistance for a short period of time. Usually, it is the elderly who needs long-term assistance whereas the people who needs short-term assistance are those individuals who are recovering from their sickness.

In order to become an HHA, you need to undergo a training first. The duration of the training ranges from 75 to 100 hours of both class work and the practical training. During the duration of your coursework, you will obtain skill in housekeeping and medicine and that will help you to improve your performance at the job. After you finished your training, you will then be eligible to obtain the Hha certificate which is required for you to get employed.

The Benefits of Being a HHA

  • You will feel the sense of fulfillment.

Most healthcare workers find their job as a rewarding and at the same time a fulfilling job. That is because they are able to make a positive difference in the lives of other. They can help them improve or maintain their health.

  • Competitive Salary

Most people think that being in a healthcare field entails gaining low wages but it is not really the case. The HHAs are actually given adequate salaries that can help them sustain for themselves and to their wants.

  • Genuine Friendship

While you provide care for the elderly or to the sick, you actually communicate goodness to them and that is where you start building a genuine relationship with them.

  • Training for a Positive Attitude

It is not a secret that there are diverse attitude of the patients. Sometimes, your patience will be tested and it is actually a good thing because as you progress with your work, you actually learn how to be more lenient and patient to the situations and attitude of others. Therefore, contributing to your holistic self development.


As you can observe, there are a couple of benefits that you can get from being a HHA. Just make sure you are able to obtain a Hha certificateso that you can start your journey as a home health aide right away and live a life with a fulfilling job.

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