Factors to consider when choosing sportswear

When you are going to play tennis, it is good to wear a comfortable dress. Below are few tips which help to choose sportswear:

  1. The weather

We start perhaps with the most critical factor, which is the weather. The vast majority of tennis players play on outdoor courts. When it’s hot, you have to go for loose-fitting sportswear capable of cooling your body while allowing sweat to evaporate. It is much better to choose white or neutral colors for t-shirts or tops. In no case is it black. Light colors “repel” the sun’s rays.

  1. Sportswear that does not impede movement

The clothing must be loose so that you can effectively perform the racket strokes typical of this sport.

  1. Confidence in your sportswear

An essential aspect of the parameters that we are giving you is that the sportswear you use must generate confidence in yourself. I mean that you feel good about her. In this section, we also enter the world of aesthetics.

  1. The pants

Regarding pants in the world of tennis, it must be said that they must follow the trend of the rest of sportswear. That is, allow freedom of movement and avoid excessive sweating.

In the case of this sport, the most convenient thing is that they have pockets to store the tennis ball that you have not put into play after the serve.

  1. The importance of sneakers

We do not have to insist on the need to have perfect tennis shoes. It is what will prevent you from the most frequent injuries. We do want to insist that you choose the right shoes for each physical activity.

You cannot play tennis in running shoes just as a runner will not wear tennis shoes. The critical point is to pay attention to the resistance and durability of the sole.  The shoes must also be breathable to avoid excessive sweating of the feet.  

You always have to choose a size larger than your dress shoes so that the toes do not touch the toe.

Conclusion:  Right dress-up makes it easy to play the game and increases chances to win.

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