Get the best touring experience in Kyoto in Japan

Japan is an inevitable option as a destination when one plans to explore East Asian countries. The country has a strong stand in terms of culture and tourism and offers a while wide variety of experiences. There are a number of different cities and places in Japan; however, Kyoto has a separate stand among all of them. This one has been the imperial era Japan’s capital and is also known to be the heart of the culture of Japan. This is why Japan Kyoto Tours is an option not to miss upon. Here are some of the places and things to make the best of Kyoto tourism.

Hiking through the Torii Gates

In the city of Kyoto, Fushimi Inari is a place to visit. This is the place that contains more than a thousand torii gates giving way like a complete forest straight up to the mountains. Walking through these gates is surely a surreal experience and also does provide an opportunity to see different temples, shrines, and statues of foxes. These foxes are considered to be the Inari’s messenger, who is the god of rice in Shinto.

Wander in the alleys of Gion

If one wants to experience the local and traditionally build cities, one should go for Southern Higashiyama. The place has been considered the best for some of the most picturesque streets that have been preserved since historical times. The area is filled with wooden houses and lanes that are narrow and carved with stones and paper lanterns hung outside houses. In short, this totally can be the journey to Japan once depicted in old movies. The region also has some of the best temples in the country however, it is more suited for the people who lust upon aimless wandering.

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