Steps to clean HVAC air ducts

Don’t get tangled up in thoughts on how to clean air ducts by yourself. Professionals can help in dealing with heavy-duty cleaning and getting rid of problems like molds and infestation. Mighty vacuum suction can reach very deep in the air ducts than anything else. If you want to go through outsource service or require a heavy-duty cleaning then contact for squeaky clean air ducts. But for regular cleaning and maintenance, you can do it yourself. Here are the steps for how.

Gather the supplies:

The first step to clean air ducts is to gather all the supplies required. You need a vacuum with a long hose attachment, hard-bristled brushes, clothes, towels, drills or screwdrivers, and self-protection instruments. Lastly, and the most important thing you need is to filter according to your HVAC air duct type.

Steps of a duct cleaning:

  • Bring out screws from the covers of the air ducts and return vent grill plates. Then envelop the supply vents with paper towels. Covered vents will protect indoor air from getting contaminated while you clean the other parts first.
  • Put the “fanon” position on your thermostat. This mode of thermostat will help you loosen the dust while you clean. Slightly strike on any piled-up dust and make it loosen. Take the help of a long armed brush to break out the dust in the accessible area of the ductwork.
  • Now, vacuum runs on the ductwork close to the hose, and then you can start sweeping after the supply register. Thorough clean with microfiber. Now, taking the help of a damp microfiber cloth go through the accessible cleaning of interior and supply vents.
  • Sweep out the return registers. Clean returning vents again with the help of brushes and sweep as far as possible into the ductwork. Turn off the fan at the thermostat and power off the furnace via a service switch.
  • Clean out blower motor and return air. With the power off you can return the air boot and access the motor blower compartment. Take help of vacuum and suck out the built-up dust in the blower compartment and return air vents.
  • Get the furnace filter replaced. The last step is to replace the furnace filter if you have it as it will give the whole benefit of the cleansing. A dirty and dusty filter limits the good airflow and further contaminates the air.

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