The Great Spots to Go Fishing in Thailand for Newbies and Pros

Thailand has numerous fishing places. Sportfishing is a big business with many opportunities for beginner and seasoned anglers alike. One can go for both freshwater and sea fishing in Thailand. The waters backdrop the different islands near Phuket are well-known for the abundance of saltwater organisms. Tourists consider Thailand fishing trip because of the numerous records of catches. 

Some of the best spots for fishing in Thailand are stated below to make it easier for beginners and experts to choose a fishing spot. 

Jurassic mountain resort – This fishing park is located in the most beautiful area with wonderful scenery. It is effortless to reach the resort as it is just a few hours away from the capital of Thailand. This resort is also known as a fishing park and offers you many amenities such as 4-star luxurious facilities and a classic range of fish species and breeds of catfishes such as giant carps, alligator gar, and many more to enjoy the fishing trip. It is covered by mountains and rivers to take a perfect sight at.

Amazon BKK lake – Amazon BKK is a human-made, intent lake, but it is brimming with vegetation and other wildlife such as antelope and elephants, making it the most beautiful scene to enjoy the nature and environment. After all, there are bound to be a couple of ferocious beasts skulking in the abyss of this location, not really in the context of the Arapaima fish. It offers you a wide variety of species such as carp fishes, peacock bass, catfish, and many more. 

Pilot fishing Pool – The amenities at Pilot are of a slightly higher benchmark than many of Bangkok’s more “budget” fisheries parklands. Every pond here has its own hut in case the weather becomes too hot. It offers you a broad range of species to give a treat to your eyes and apart from fishes they offer you thai cuisines and restrooms facilities. 

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