Things to check before buying a used car

Everyone has a dream of buying a car but budget is the main thing that affects the decision. So, you can go for used cars. You have to contact the used car dealers where you can get your car at affordable rates. If you don’t know about reliable car dealers for a used car then you can research a used car dealership near me. It is essential to visit an authorized dealer to get the best services.

Before buying a second-hand car, make sure to check some important things, some of which are as follows:

Car and its papers 

Before buying a car, get it checked by a mechanic you trust as they will let you know the exact condition of the car. This will help you to negotiate. Checking the papers is equally important. Make sure to check the insurance papers of the car. It will help you to know whether the car is accidental. A quick way to check this is to note no claim bonus percent applied.

Match the engine number and chassis number with the papers. Check all the filters like air, fuel, oil, transmission because they all require regular oiling failing which can affect the performance of the car. Look for dents and signs of damage as well.

Transfer the registration certificate to your name

You have to contact the RTO office in your jurisdiction for the transfer process. You have to fill the required form and previous owner and you both have to do the signature before submitting the form. If the jurisdiction of the car is different then NOC issued by RTO will help you to proceed.

Get second-hand car insurance in your name

It is very important to have a valid insurance policy copy in your name because if the RC is registered in your name and the policy is under the previous owner, the insurance policy stands nullified.

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