8 Debunking the Myths About Mommy Makeover Surgery

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A “mommy makeover” is a surgery that new mothers get to help them cope with their post-pregnancy bodies. It is general surgery, but many misconceptions exist. Here are eight myths about
Mommy makeover Miami surgery debunked.

Eight Myths About Mommy Makeover Surgery Debunked

  • You need to be a mother to get a mommy makeover:

This is the most common myth about mommy makeovers. You need not be a mother to get this type of surgery. You only need to have children and be unhappy with your current body. 

  • Mommy makeovers are just for vanity: 

While it is true that people get mommy makeovers because they want to improve their appearance, there are also many practical reasons for getting the surgery. For example, some women get breast lifts to help with back pain caused by large breasts. 

  • All mommy makeovers are the same:

Mommy makeovers are customized to each woman’s body and what she wants to achieve with her surgery. Therefore, no two mommy makeovers are alike. 

  • You Can’t Breastfeed after a Breast Augmentation: 

This is false! You can still breastfeed after breast augmentation as long as your incisions are not placed on your milk ducts. Unfortunately, many women have breast augmentation surgeries after they are finished breastfeeding. 

  • Recovery from a Mommy Makeover is Long and Painful: 

Recovery time and pain levels vary from person to person, depending on the surgeries performed and how well you take care of yourself during your recovery period. That being said, most people report that recovery is not as bad as they thought it would be and that pain levels are manageable with medication prescribed by your surgeon. 

  • You Need to Wait Until Your Children Are Older Before Getting a Mommy Makeover: 

This is totally up to you! If you feel like you need or want to have a mommy makeover now, there is no reason why you should wait until your children are older before getting one done! The decision of when to have this type of surgery should be based on what YOU want and what will make YOU happy! 

  • Only wealthy Middle-Aged Women Get Mommy Makeovers: 

This myth could not be further from the truth! Women of all ages and backgrounds get mommy makeovers every day! The only requirement for this type of surgery is that you must be unhappy with your current body and be in good health overall to be cleared for surgery by your doctor! 

  • Every Woman Who Gets A Mommy Makeover Has The Same Result: 

Again, this is false! Mommy makeovers are entirely customized to each woman. The type of surgery you get, the placement of your incisions, and the size of your implants will all be based on YOUR body and what YOU want to achieve with your surgery! 


As you can see, there are many myths about mommy makeover surgery. However, the truth is that this type of surgery can be beneficial for many women. Make sure to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you’re thinking about getting a mommy makeover, so you know all the details!

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