Ageing Population – an overview

  • Boost in the dependency ratio. If the retirement age continues to be set, as well as the life span boosts, there will be fairly more individuals asserting pension plan benefits as well as fewer people functioning and paying revenue taxes. The worry is that it will call for high tax prices on the present, diminishing labor force.
  • Raised federal government investing on health care as well as pension plans. Likewise, those in retirement tend to pay reduced income taxes since they are not functioning. This mix of higher investing dedications as well as lower tax income is a source of problem for Western governments, especially those with existing debt concerns as well as unfunded pension plans.
  • Those in job may have to pay higher taxes. This might create disincentives to work as well as disincentives for companies to invest. Consequently, there might be a loss in efficiency as well as development.
  • Lack of employees. An Aging Society [สังคม ผู้ สูงอายุ, which is the term in Thai] might cause a lack of workers and thus raise earnings triggering wage rising cost of living. Additionally, companies may have to react by urging more individuals to get in the labor force, with offering versatile working techniques.
  • Altering sectors within the economic situation. A rise in the numbers of retired people will develop a larger market for goods as well as solutions connected to older individuals.
  • Greater savings for pensions may reduce capital investment. If society is placing a greater percent of revenue into pension plan funds, it might reduce the amount of cost savings readily available for more efficient financial investment, leading to reduced rates of economic development.

Federal government actions to an ageing populace

  • Increase the labor market participation rate. Make it less complicated for people past 65 to maintain working.
  • Elevate the retirement age. The federal government have already recommended a rise to 67. The retirement age could instantly be connected to life expectancy.
  • Boost the importance of the private sector in offering pension plans and health care. Nonetheless, this might create enhanced inequality if individuals cannot pay for private pension plans.

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