Beginners Guide To Xbox Gamertag Generator

How to Choose a Good Xbox Gamertag: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
If you have just started playing games on Xbox then you might have come across Xbox Gamertag,
Xbox Gamertag generator and Xbox name then there is nothing complicated about these terms. So, Here is a beginner’s guide to the Xbox Gamertag generator.

What is a Gamertag?

A Gamertag is your identifier in the Xbox gaming world that distinguishes you from other players in the game which generally comes(you can choose not to add because it’s optional) with a picture of you. So, It’s your avatar whenever that appears to other people while you are playing it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing a Gamertag for yourself:

  1. Keep the Gamertag personal as it will create a name that is uniquely you.
  2. Use the Gamertag that would be specific to your game as you won’t feel different from your gaming peers.
  3. Try to incorporate the club you belong to as this gives your name identity among other player clubs.


If are creating an Xbox Gamertag then you should at least keep these rules in mind while doing so :

  • You should not have more than 12 characters in your name.
  • No use of profane words in the name.
  • No use of Hate speech
  • No use of special characters

These rules should be followed when you are going to play on the Xbox as not following them can have consequences for you.

What is anXbox Gamertag Generator?

Now if you start scavenging names for your avatar then you can spend hours finding a name that is unique, personal and represents you then. An easier way to do so is to use the Xbox Gamertag Generator.

An Xbox Gamertag generator is a tool that will help you generate names that are unique, and personal and represent you without spending hours on it. These give you options to create a custom Gamertag tag for yourself that you can use for years.

Although it might sound pretty easy, nonetheless your task isn’t over yet if you want your Gamertag to stand out among the number of different players then you have to put in a little effort.

But putting effort in the wrong direction will not get you anywhere so, here are a few tips that might create a unique Gamertag using the Xbox Gamertag generator:

  1. Always choose an Xbox Gamertag generator that uses a nickname.

The unique things are the nicknames that your friends and family gave you as they are rooted in your personal history. So, choosing an Xbox Gamertag generator that utilises your nickname should be your top priority.

  1. Customize according to your need

Another that can create a unique Gamertag is your interests and hobbies that are specifically yours. So, if you might play dungeon and dragons then add a dungeon and dragon character to your the unique things are your nicknames that your friends and family gave you as they are rooted in your personal history. So, choosing an Xbox Gamertag generator is the way to go.


  1. Try adding a unique language


Most Xbox Gamertag generators give you options to add language then you can stand out in the crowd by adding a German name to your Gamertag in an American server can easily make you stand out.


How to  Create an Xbox Gamertag?

You can follow these easy steps to get started: –

  1. Open Xbox 
  2. Go to menu
  3. Select GamerPic
  4. Click Customise
  5. Click Gamertag


If read through then this is the last guide you would need as a beginner.

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