How about Choosing a Dizziness Specialist?

If you have experienced dizziness, you may be looking for a doctor who specializes in treating this condition. While there are many different kinds of specialists, a dizziness specialist is particularly skilled in identifying and treating the causes of this condition. Listed below are some of the steps to take when choosing a dizziness specialist. Before you book an appointment, though, it is important to do some research to find the most qualified doctor for you.

Firstly, a dizziness specialist should perform an evaluation. He or she will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms and perform a physical examination. A doctor may also suggest testing to confirm the diagnosis. Blood work and an electrocardiogram are some of the tests a dizziness specialist may order. The specialist may also suggest that you undergo Holter monitoring or an ultrasound blood flow test. The specialist will determine the best treatment for your specific condition based on the findings of your tests.

Even though dizziness is not always an indication of a serious illness, it should be treated immediately. Many heart conditions can cause dizziness. Seeing a specialist in this area is a good way to rule out serious issues and eliminate the symptoms for good. However, if you do experience dizziness in the long-term, you should contact a cardiologist. Even if your symptoms seem harmless, you should see a dizziness specialist as soon as possible.

Vertigo and dizziness are conditions that cause you to feel lightheaded or unbalanced. The primary organs that affect your balance are your eyes, inner ear, and upper cervical spine. Vertigo and dizziness are accompanied by symptoms of nausea, anxiety, and a feeling of passing out. Although dizziness is not a serious illness, it is a sign of other conditions that may need medical treatment.

The best treatment for dizziness is a combination of treatments. In many cases, the most effective solution is a combination of physical therapy, physiotherapy, and a dizziness specialist. Dizziness specialists specialize in vestibular rehabilitation, which is a form of physical therapy that challenges the brain to reset its gyroscope, which is the primary source of balance. The main cause of dizziness in older people is a simple underlying condition called vestibular degeneration.

Treatment for dizziness is different for each patient. The cause of your dizziness needs to be identified. Your child’s specific symptoms will determine which type of treatment is the best fit. The doctors at THINK Neurology for Kids have extensive experience in treating dizziness and will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment for your child. Using ImPACT testing to assess your child’s cognitive functioning, your doctor will be able to recommend the best treatment for your child.

Depending on the underlying cause, a dizziness specialist may order a CT scan or MRI. During a physical exam, your dizziness doctor will also check your balance and major nerves in your central nervous system. Other tests may be performed, including eye movements testing. A doctor may also recommend testing your reflexes to identify a possible cause of dizziness. If your symptoms persist, a dizziness specialist will prescribe an appropriate treatment.

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