How to Spy on Someone Quickly and Easily with these spy camera pens

If you’re trying to keep track of where your significant other is at all times, a spy camera can be a great idea while spy cameras can be found in many different forms, spy camera pens are probably the quickest and easiest way to have covert surveillance. 


They’re also the most discrete because they look like normal pens when not in use even if they aren’t used very often, they won’t attract any attention as long as they are kept in their packaging. 


What’s a Spy Camera?


It is a type of covert surveillance device used for surveillance, digital cameras can capture video and images, but they can’t record sound, and analog cameras can both record and capture images, but they don’t have the ability to electronically store recordings. 


Spy cameras are great for recording important events and conversations, keeping an eye on a loved one, or recording lectures and other instructional events, additionally, spy cameras can also be used for business purposes, with some creative thinking, you can use a spy camera to help you run your business more efficiently.

How to Spy on Someone Quickly and Easily with Spy Camera Pens


Unlike spy cameras that are hidden and often require a complex setup, spy pens are very simple to use, these pens have built-in recording features and can easily be hidden in an everyday place. 


The best part is that they don’t require much setup to use, you can simply write down whatever you want to record with the pen’s ink, it can then be easily erased and moved to a new place as needed, the only thing you need to remember is that the ink is designed to be invisible and undetectable when writing.

Shhh! Camouflage Ink


Spy pens usually come in the form of a normal ballpoint pen, but there are also camouflage pens that are designed to be invisible and undetectable when in use these spy camera pens usually come in the form of colored inks, but there are also brands of black inks that are designed to be very stealthy. 


These inks are usually camouflaged with properties that will make them nearly undetectable, for example, the ink might have a special coating that makes it nearly impossible to see or a special pigment that makes it nearly impossible to be seen. 

Some camouflaged inks are even infused with special properties that make them soundless when writing, what’s especially great about camouflaged inks is that they can easily be removed with water, this means you can easily erase whatever you want to erase without leaving any traces behind.

Hide Your Cam and Change the Recording Time


You can also use the pen to covertly record remote meetings and remote surveillance sessions this can be especially useful when you need to monitor someone who’s not using a device that can be easily detected by the remote monitoring system. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t change the date or time on a covert recording once the pen is placed, so if someone tries to erase a recording that was made, all they’ll be doing is erasing their own recording.

One way to do this is to hide the pen in an inconspicuous place like a coffee mug or a piece of paper, also try hiding the pen in a magazine or a piece of paper, it can be difficult to notice these inconspicuous places, so you can be sure the pen will be left unnoticed. 

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