How does Gerbera Work in Get Well Hampers?

Gerbera daisies are incredibly popular and commonly used as cut flowers or as beautiful garden plants due to their vibrant colours. The Gerbera flower, like sunflowers (Asteraceae), belongs to the aster family and is native to South Africa. However, today’s Gerbera daisies are the outcome of hybridization processes that generate enormous daisy-like blossoms. Gerberas are one of the most popular flowers in the world, whether for a centrepiece, floral arrangement, bouquet, or home décor. Their long vase life, fragrance, and year-round availability contribute to the popularity of Gerbera daisies as a flower for gifting.

Not only that, but Gerberas are also available in a wide range of colours and can be single or multicoloured, with green or black centres. Orange, yellow, red, purple, white, and pink are the most common colours you will encounter. The colour variety of Gerbera daisies can take on different meanings that make them suitable for various gifts and occasions. It is convenient for birthday gifts, wedding bouquets, and also frequently seen in getting-well hampers.

Sending floral arrangements as a gift to wish someone a speedy recovery is not uncommon. When a family member or a friend is not feeling well, fresh looking flowers in get well soon hamper can cheer them up and boost their moods. Many flowers can represent different meanings, making them a great choice, especially when conveying a get well soon message. A get well hamper is usually an arrangement that consists of a bunch of uplifting gifts such as flowers, fresh fruits, cookies, and healthy beverages.

Gerberas were thought to mean different things to different cultures. The Egyptians believed that Gerbera daisies represent closeness to nature and a dedication to the sun, while the Celts believed that Gerbera daisies can help to relieve stress and sadness. In Eritrea, a country in East Africa, Gerbera serves as their national flower. However, when generally used as a get-well gift, a collection of elegant Gerbera daisies can be the ideal choice. This is not only because of their hearty appearance and colour variety, but also their long vase life. If taken care of properly, Gerbera can have a vase life of seven to ten days, and this is great for the recipient because the flowers can stay bold and beautiful throughout their recovery.

In terms of symbolism, Gerberas, like other ornamentals in the daisy family, are said to represent beauty, innocence, and purity. Although its wide range of colours is also associated with joy, different shades of Gerbera daisies have different meanings and symbolism. White Gerberas are the best flower to send to wish someone good health. As a get well soon gifting flower, a single long stem white Gerbera or a bouquet of all-white Gerberas works well. White gerberas, like other white flowers, symbolize purity, pure love, loyalty, and innocence. That makes them a wonderful flower to give to a child from their parents. Bright yellow and orange Gerberas represent happiness, joy, friendship, and warmth, making them very fitting as a gift to friends. Like white coloured Gerberas, bright yellow Gerberas can also be very suitable to be sent to someone recovering from an illness as their vibrant colours can brighten a person’s day.

Not exclusive to white and yellow coloured flowers, other Gerbera daisy colours can also work well in a get-well hamper. Pink flowers, in general, represent grace, admiration, and compassion, and pink Gerbera daisy blooms are no exception. Light pink Gerberas, in particular, convey respect, adoration, and sympathy. Darker pink Gerberas, on the other hand, are frequently associated with gratitude. A bouquet of pink gerbera daisy flowers is a great gift to send a Get Well Soon message because of these meanings. These stunning blooms are especially ideal for expressing gratitude after spending time with a special someone. Aside from that, symbols of love and passion can be represented by red coloured Gerberas. Although red Gerberas represents love and passion, it can be a great pop of colour to add to get-well flower arrangements. Gerberas also come in the shade of purple, and purple Gerberas convey royalty and elegance. They are symbols of pride, grace, attraction, and beauty. Purple or lavender gerberas, like pink and red gerberas, are associated with romance by some. Nevertheless, either the single colour arrangement or the multicoloured one can be an amazing get-well gift since each of them embody a warm and wholesome feeling.

To ensure that your Gerbera flower arrangement looks prime for a long time, it is crucial to clean your vase thoroughly every two to three days, ideally using bleach. That is essential because it reduces the build-up of bacteria. Then add new water to the vase – but not too much, or the stem will rot. Another thing to consider is to place them away from heat as Gerbera flowers prefer cooler temperatures.

Overall, any colours of Gerbera daisies work well in get-well hampers. Get-well hampers can be beneficial as a gift to wish your loved ones a speedy recovery. Got someone in mind? Order them a get-well hamper now!

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