Specs Of The Sole f63 treadmill Model

The sole f63 treadmill model has some very unique safety features like a deck safety lock inbuilt to make the position of the machine stable and still at a particular place. There is a button at the top for emergencies also. The speed of the treadmill is about 12 miles per hour but you can start with only 1 mile per hour and gradually increase it. This machine is perfect for everyone. You can also find a soft drop feature which makes the machine unfold real slow so you can adapt with it.

The design of the machine is stable and the engineers of the sole f63 treadmillmodel have focused to make this machine durable so people can use it for a longer time and with complete and utter satisfaction. All the components used in the machine are the best. The  model is accurate for you if:

  • You want a machine at an affordable price.
  • You do not want to go to the gym and practice at home.
  • You are a beginner and gym is not your thing.
  • You want a simple yet strong and durable model.
  • You want a lifetime warranty on a treadmill.

Some specs of the model

The sole f63 treadmill has some great specifications that make it an ideal choice for anyone. The most relevant ones are:

  1. Warranty: Everybody wants a piece of equipment that has the longest warranty. In the case of sole f63 treadmill, you get a lifetime warranty for its motor and frame. For the deck, electronics you get a 3-year warranty. And for the labor the warranty period is 1-year. With such a long warranty period it is the best option.
  2. Dimensions of the machine: The size of the equipment should be such that it fits in every place you like. The dimensions are- height is 66 inches, the length is 82 inches, and the width is 35 inches. The overall weight of the treadmill is 254 pounds. The weight that the machine can carry is almost 325 pounds which is frankly a lot.
  3. The controls of the machine: The machine has some basic controls and some modified and enhanced controls. Some of the controls available in the machine are that is Bluetooth compatible. There is a USB device charging. Bluetooth speakers are also compatible. You also get a cooling fan. The sound system of the machine is such that it is MP3 compatible. You will get a white light LCD display. Also, a heart rate monitoring device is compatible.

At the end of your workout session, it will provide you with feedback about the speed, calories, time, distance covered by you, your heart rate, pace. There are chest straps and pulse grips in this model as well. The motor is a 3 CHP motor. There are 2 custom programs, 6 standard programs, 2 heart rate programs. The inclination level of the machine is from zero and up to 15 levels. So, a good buy.

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