The 36V lithium marine battery Is Making A Splash

The 36V lithium battery is a great choice for power needs. It is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to use in different applications such as boats, cars, RVs and more. The 36V lithium battery has higher voltage than other batteries which means that you can use this one for multiple purposes. The 36v lithium battery is making a splash with its superior features such as longer life span and lower weight than lead acid batteries.

Has Come A Long Way In The Last Decade

The 36V lithium battery has come a long way in the last decade. When compared to its predecessors, this new technology boasts better performance, higher energy storage capacity and lower costs.The 36V lithium battery is a great choice because it packs a lot of power into a small package. It’s also easier to install than other types of batteries that require more space for installation and maintenance purposes.

In addition to being able to store more energy than other types of lead acid batteries (AGM), this type also features high discharge rates which means you’ll get more bang for your buck when using them!

High Energy Storage Capacity

The 36V lithium marine battery provides you with a lot of power because of the high energy storage capacity. Lithium batteries have a high energy density. This means that they can store more energy in the same amount of space compared to other types of batteries, such as lead-acid or nickel-cadmium (NiCd).

The 36V lithium battery also has a high power density, which means it can deliver higher currents at lower voltages than other types of batteries. This makes them ideal for use in electric vehicles and other applications where high currents are required but low voltages are not necessary or desired.

Lithium batteries have long lifespans due to their ability to withstand repeated deep discharges without experiencing damage from memory effect like NiCd’s do–a problem where recharging exhausted cells causes them not only lose capacity but also cause internal resistance that reduces performance further still over time until eventually the cell fails altogether!

They Are Not Prone To Overheating

Lithium batteries have a long life, and they are not prone to overheating. This makes them ideal for marine use. When you’re boating, your batteries will be exposed to many different weather conditions such as heat and cold, which can affect their performance over time. Lithium batteries are able to withstand these kinds of conditions better than other types of battery technology because they do not require cooling systems or ventilation like lead acid or nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries do.

Lithium-ion batteries also have one more advantage: they are lightweight and portable–so much so that some companies sell folding bikes made out of carbon fiber frames combined with lithium ion cells!


So, if you’re looking for a marine battery that can deliver the power you need without weighing your boat down or causing issues with corrosion, then the 36V lithium battery might be right for you.

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