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If your car breaks down, you may want to have it towed by another vehicle. To not have an accident, you should find out precisely what needs to be considered when towing and when you are allowed to tow at all. Do you also know what distinguishes towing from towing or towing? A broken-down vehicle can pose a risk to other road users. Therefore, learn which warning signs you can use to warn others or how you can, e.g., B. behave after a traffic accident.

What Should Be Considered When Towing?

Towing a car means pulling an inoperable vehicle as part of emergency aid. The aim must either be to recycle or destroy the vehicle or to remedy the inability to operate. An inability to operate exists only if the vehicle’s intended use is no longer possible and cannot be restored on-site without great effort. Since vehicles can only be towed for reasons of emergency aid, only specific destinations are permitted. This includes the nearest suitable workshop and a nearby location. When towing, only the towing vehicle driver needs the appropriate driving license for the vehicle with which he is towing. The person in the vehicle that is being towed does not need an official driver’s license; it just needs to get the vehicle through traffic properly. However, sufficient driving experience and traffic experience are urgently recommended, as driving in a towed vehicle requires extremely high concentration and quick reactions.

When towing a car with engine failure, the brake booster, and power steering no longer work. This means that the steering becomes stiff, and the braking effect is very low. If possible, use a tow bar to avoid a rear-end collision. The distance between the two vehicles must not exceed 5 meters when being towed.  A red flag must be placed in the middle of the tow rope or tow bar. In addition, the hazard warning lights must be switched on both vehicles. Ensure that the tow rope is always taut and agree to hand signals to turn before you set off.


You are not allowed to enter the motorway while being towed. If you start towing on the motorway, you have to leave it at the next exit. Motorcycles are generally not allowed to be towed.

Are There Alternatives To Towing?

Anyone who breaks down with their car does not always have the option of towing the vehicle away privately or perhaps does not dare to do so. A breakdown service can also be called an alternative to private towing. He will first try to fix the problem on-site. The costs for breakdown assistance and towing differ depending on whether you are a member of the relevant automobile club and which tariff you have booked there. However, it is only towed to the nearest workshop and not to your home or the workshop of your choice. Click here for your vehicle services 24 hr. (บริการยานพาหนะ 24 ชม. which is the term in Thai)

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