How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Scholarship Abroad

Many in academia argue that thousands of dollars are wasted annually on unused scholarships. It is somewhat ironic, as hundreds of international students are eagerly looking for financial help to finance their studies abroad. So, what would be the reason for this waste? One of them may be the rigorous selection process or the fear that students have to go through the selection process; therefore, several scholarships are not distributed due to the lack of candidates who know how to fill in an application correctly.

Scholarship Writing

The name is a statement. Perhaps this is the essential part of your application. It is an essay in which you have to convey a little of who you are. It needs to be clear and concise but inspiring enough to get the sponsors ‘attention. Remember to write about all aspects required in the instructions. Use concrete examples; for example: instead of writing a generic essay about volunteering in your community, write about your experiences as a volunteer.

Don’t be shy about mentioning all of your achievements – be they academic, professional, or personal. But, of course, if that’s one of the instructions, you don’t want to sound pretentious. When you’ve finished writing, reread so that no mistakes go unnoticed. Asking someone else to read helps a lot in finding faults.

Ensure The Quality Of Your Application

Once the application process is finished, read everything one more time before submitting it. Avoiding mistakes decreases your chances of getting rejected right away. Most sponsors don’t even consider candidates who make big mistakes. With a clear and personal statement, strong and sincere reference letters, and a complete and error-free application, your chances go up significantly. Getting a scholarship abroad will be much closer than you think.

Find Your Scholarship Abroad

Now that you know all these tips, it’s time to research scholarships abroad like Japanese government scholarship (ทุน รัฐบาล ญี่ปุ่น which is the term in Thai) and find the one that’s right for you. In our database, you will find numerous options. Just use our search tool and filter your search by destination, area of ​​study, and type of course!

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