Types of security guard

In today’s time, business threats and are common and thus many business consider availing security patrol services. There are security companies that send guards for patrolling and ensuring the safety of the premises. They can be hired for residential purpose, private institutions, or government institutions. The guard’s responsibility is to protect the assets by defending and monitoring.

For different tasks, different guards are hired. Some of them are mentioned here.

Guards hired by government on contract

Security guard hired by the government are highly trained and armed. They are hired to offer protection to the government personnel as well as property. Their primary responsibility is to secure a specific site or facility. They can also be called if there is a high risk situation for defending either a person or a property.

Guards for in-house security

These security officers are hired directly by those who need them like businesses. They are hired directly and are not in contract with any private agency. These types of security guards can be hired in banks, as armored guards, resorts, night clubs, museums, information security industries, etc.

Security guards on contract

This is the most common type of service. They are contracted through private agencies. Client contacts the agency to hire the guard. The agency provides the security guard that is perfect as per the client’s requirement. These clients can also opt for in-house security.

Personal protection

High profile people and VIPs are always at a risk of mobbing or any other kind of threat. They need highly trained guards to offer them personal protection. So, the personal protection guards are hired to offer protection to a person. These are highly trained guards who are skilled enough to judge a person based on their body language. Also, they are best in evacuating the person in case there is an attack.

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