Use Enclosed Car Transportation Services to Move Your Expensive Car – Know the Reasons


Not only does moving a vehicle yourselves is a waste your time, but also keeps pressure on the vehicle. Considering a car shipping service is the best idea to save your time. Generally, most vehicle shipping services handle only open-air carriers, but few others will also offer enclosed carrier service.

At Ship a Car, Inc. you can get an enclosed long distance vehicle transport service at the best price. They provide a wide range of services to transport exotic cars, race cars, and other expensive vehicles throughout the U.S.

Reasons to choose an enclosed transport method

Although both open-air and enclosed carriers out the same, the enclosed carrier stores the vehicle in an enclosure made with metal. So, they are safer compared to open-air carriers. 

The following are a few reasons that help you to understand why you have to choose it to move your car.

Protects from bad weather conditions

Most people choose enclosed carriers to protect their vehicles from weather conditions like snow, storms, sun exposure, and rain because vehicles are placed inside a metal container. 

It is an ideal option for people who have expensive or classic cars, which painted recently. Other elements like dirt, dust, debris, and wind will hit the car when moving at high speed and cause damage to the vehicle. To protect your car from all these elements, choose enclosed carriers.

Protects your investment

Generally, open-air carriers are safe and flexible about delivery and pickup dates. Whether you are a car dealer who wants to ship the car fast or a professional car driver who wants to move the car for competition, enclosed carriers are the best choice.

More room and better equipment

Enclosed carriers provide more space for vehicles compared to open-air carriers. So, they will have better clamps, which protect the car during transport. Not all cars, but few need extra protection and high-end equipment while moving. A few cars need enclosed carrier service, such as stock cars, race cars, luxury cars, and more.


Whatever the car might be, safety comes first. Transporting the vehicle from one state to the other adds miles to the vehicle, exposes it to the weather, and gives more stress. Also, driving too long is risky, especially during late hours. Hiring a professional shipping service will help you to get rid of stress and get your car at the doorsteps without any worry.

Better insurance

Most companies provide enclosed carriers with high insurance coverage compared to open carriers. It gives a guarantee that your vehicle is in safe hands. This insurance is helpful for people who transport expensive cars.

Convenient option

Few companies provide door-to-door pickup and dropping service, which is helpful for people who are busy with their personal and professional work. Also, you can schedule the timings depending on your convenience.

To negate the risks and move your valuable car safely consider enclosed carriers. Choose a vehicle transporting service that offers on time and safe services and get your quote today to move your vehicle fast. 

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